This tutorial is devoted to the pSX emulator for Windows, which works to its maximum capacity right out of the box. It’s the very best instrument for those players who don’t want to bother with the plug-in system of ePSXe. You are going to learn how to play your favourite games through the CD-ROM or through playstation roms. It’s a fairly efficient and simple PlayStation 1 emulator. In case you have a slow or older household, this is the emulator that you want.

BIOS setup

If you would like to boot PlayStation games, you may need the PlayStation BIOS. You have to download the pSX emulator along with the BIOS on Do not forget to mention the downloaded BIOS as the”_ip” file extension to”zip”.

Let’s take a peek at what you should do after downloading the BIOS:

  1. You have to extract the BIOS in the ZIP file. You must make a folder”BIOS” and drag the information there, as shown below:
  2. Open the pSX emulator.
  3. Press the “BIOS” tab. Then you must press the”…” button. Be aware that next time when you start the emulator, it is going to be appropriately set to load the desired PlayStation game.

How To Install The pSX Emulator?

A pSX emulator is standalone applications. That is why it does not need an installation wizard. The process of installation is simple. You’ll need to extract pSX in the zip file. It’s critical to mention that pSX should be set in the shared folder on your PC, for instance,”Documents,””Downloads,” or you can create a folder on the desktop computer. Otherwise, it can be limited to Outlook accessibility only, and you won’t be able to save anything.

  • To open pSX, double-click on
  • You have to get all the contents of this zip file extracted.
  • Double-click on”DXSETUP.EXE” to launch the installation process.
  • Press”I take” >”Next” >”Next” >”Finish.”

How To Set Up The Keyboard/Gamepad?

Press the “Controllers” tab. You need to press the button which you want to reconfigure; then, you must press on the keyboard key/gamepad button in the event you would like to alter it also. Once you’ve reconfigured all the buttons that are desired, press”OK.” How To Load pSX ISOs?

  1. Be sure that you have already installed the BIOS.
  2. Now, you have to download PS1 ISOs. You have to extract it.
  3. Once your downloaded ISO was successfully extracted, notice that the pSX emulator supports BIN/CUE, ISO, CCD, IMG, SUB, MDF, MDS, and CDZ. If your downloaded ISO is not in these formats, we recommend you to download the game from the other site in the right format.
  4. Today, you have to establish the memory card for saving the matches. You have to do it only 1 time.
  5. Just type any name of your memory card and press”OK.”
  6. Click OK when you’re done.
  7. At this point, you’re all set to load ISOs. You must go to”File” >”Insert CD image.”
  8. Click in your ISO file, press”Open,” and wait for about a minute to start the loading of your game.

How to Activate The Full Display?

If you would like to bring pSX to the full-screen mode, you must press”Alt+Enter.” Then you must press”Alt+Enter” once more time in order to come back to the window manner. Do not press”ESC” button when you are in the fullscreen mode because you’ll close pSX.


You have just learnt all of the technical side of this eSX emulator. Now it’s time to locate PSX ISOs. Ensure you have a sound library of games to boost your gaming experience. If all of the info couldn’t help you run your favorite PS1 games on your computer, it means that the pSX emulator isn’t completely compatible with your PC. In such a scenario, you should try ePSXe instead.